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The new production site "Rila Syrodel"

The production is located in an ecologically clean area of the Kursk region in Rylsk. The factory launched its production in 1969 and since then has accumulated vast experience in the production of cheeses.

Today the plant is a modern, rapidly developing enterprise that can satisfy the most demanding taste of the consumer.

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New products launched in Thousand lakes

A new stage in the development of the "Thousand lakes" brand – ultra-pasteurized milk and cream, as well as delicious curd cheeses appeared in the line!

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New unique packaging and a new dairy direction

Packaging in the form of an envelope for cheese with the possibility of multiple re-closures.

The dairy direction of the Tysiacha ozer brand has been opened - pasteurized milk and kefir, yoghurts and sour cream.

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Brand # 1 in the cheese category

"Tysiacha ozer" brand # 1 in the cheese category - based on the results of a nationwide vote.

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The "Ingredients" direction was opened

Providing high quality ingredients to the leading multinational companies in the food industry in the Russian Federation.

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Launched the world's most modern line for the production of feta cheese under the Sirtaki brand

The world's most modern line for the production of feta cheese under the Sirtaki brand in Tetra-Pak packaging was also installed.

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Development of production and expansion of product lines - the company is constantly growing

Became the shareholders of OJSC Severnoye Moloko, one of the largest milk processing enterprises in the country.

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A new workshop for boiling smoked cheeses was launched on the production site

The project was completed in just a year. Since that time, smoked cheeses from the "City of Cheese" line have been smoked in St. Petersburg at their own factory, "Nevsky Cheese".

Expanding its assortment, the company has always strived to meet not only the gastronomic preferences of consumers, but also the expectations of the best retail price without compromising quality.

In 2012, the company again declared itself as a trend-setter in the production of packaged cheeses, releasing a product in a unique product subcategory - a special children's cheese with vitamins and calcium under the popular Smeshariki brand.

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In 2006 the company began to open the first regional representative offices

Due to the dynamic growth of production volumes, the company decided to abandon the distribution of partner products and concentrate on promoting its own brands.

Opening of a new category for the company - white pickled cheeses, it was during this period that the Sirtaki brand was born.

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Start of production of our own brand "Tysiacha ozer"

The focus was on the sustainability of products and the high quality of the Finnish dairy tradition.
Today the brand is the leader in terms of recognition among Russian consumers.


Birth of the company

The business idea originated from a group of like-minded people headed by Albert Sufiyarov during business trips abroad.

The decision was made - to bring the culture production and consumption of cheese and butter in Russia.

As a result, the first production lines were launched.