"We are united by common values. They make us a team and serve as the basis of our corporate culture."

Vladimir Zyukov, CEO


  • Shared responsibility is built on the responsibility of each of us.
  • One person's goal is the whole team's goal.
  • We are ready to be leaders in our team.
  • We are ready to take on complex tasks.
  • We are ready to support each other because we have a common responsibility.

Trust and partnership

  • We support each other - positive communication and the ability to involve colleagues in a common cause is the basis of our teamwork.
  • We understand the importance of teamwork and build open and honest relationships with colleagues.
  • We develop mutually beneficial relationships with our partners, each of our clients holds value for our company.


  • Continuous development is important for us - we strive to be stronger, higher and faster with each day.
  • We talk openly about our successes and failures.
  • To admit a flaw means to start fixing it in time.
  • We carry out our tasks at the highest professional level and are ready to share our knowledge and experience with our colleagues.
  • Innovation and proposals for improvement are important to us - we are ready for change, because with them come new opportunities and paths.


  • We treat the resources of our company as our own, therefore we think and do as proprietors.
  • It is important for us not to save resources simply for the sake of it, but to spend wisely.
  • Time, money, materials, tools, personnel - all these resources should be used rationally.

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