Parmesan Dolce Granto

200 g

Italian cheese made from skim milk, the hardest in the world. "The king of cheeses and the cheese of kings." Its recipe has been known since Roman times. Parmesan is said to have been Julius Caesar's favorite cheese. Parmesan is good in any dish and as an independent dessert. Parmesan not only has a fresh and fruity taste, but also a rich aroma of wildflowers, which is especially noticeable when slicing cheese.

When sliced, Parmesan releases a rich aroma of wildflowers, the hard pulp of ripe cheese flakes and crumbles, the taste of Parmesan is fresh and fruity, without bitterness. If the smallest drops of moisture appear on the cut, this means that Parmesan has reached its peak of maturity. Parmesan can be stored for years while retaining its flavor. It is only necessary after long storage to carefully remove the top hardened layer before use.

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